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Bristol-based DJ and producer Matt Preston has crafted a distinct musical identity over the past decade. His signature ambient atmospherics, technicolour synths, and wall-shaking sub frequencies permeate a cinematic take on electronic music that runs through his productions and DJ sets, prompting adoration from fans and critics alike. Indebted to Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin, his tracks float somewhere in the space between dubstep, garage, ambient, and electronica, equally suited for immersive headphone listening or, even better, blasted through a capable sound system in a warehouse or club.

As Phaeleh, Matt Preston debuted in 2008 with his Reflections EP and the years since then have seen the producer release ten full-length projects and a series of EPs that have made waves on dancefloors the world over and garnered support from heavyweight DJs across several genres. Balancing club-focused weapons with exploratory ambient compositions, Preston has made a name for himself as a versatile and diverse producer with a unique creative vision.

 “I’ve always had a soft spot for the more chilled stuff.  I used to make club-based music and play drum and bass at parties, but as I’ve got older, I prefer to create music that helps you switch off from the chaos of life.  Even with my heavy stuff, if you mute the bass and drums,  there’s still layers of subtle pads and field recordings, but more recently I’ve turned the background noise up and toned down the rest.”

Phaeleh is an equally accomplished live performer and DJ, stunning audiences around the world with emotive performances that strike a fine balance between energy and atmosphere.  His DJ sets focus on a beat-driven sound that explores the outer fringes of dance music and electronica while remaining focused on the deep, ambient dubstep that is his signature sound.

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Notable Compositions

The gamut of Phaeleh’s talent is showcased on such releases as Fallen Light, The Cold in You and Lost Time. Popular tracks include Afterglow, In the Twilight, and Should be True.

Notable Collaborations

Tides, the evolutionary musical step, with taut songcraft and melancholic tones, features vocals by Jess Mills, who has collaborated on many of Phaeleh’s popular songs. Hannah Cartwright, also known as Augustus Ghost, is a UK-based singer and composer who performed alongside Phaeleh during his tour of the U.S.

Phaeleh Music

Moving On
In The Twilight
Should Be True
Empty Jar
2021 Albums:
2021 Singles:
Strawberry Head (Phaeleh Remix)
2020 Albums:
From the Vaults Vol.2
2020 Singles:
2018 Album:
2017 Album:
Lost Time
2017 Singles:
Feel You Fade
2016 Album:
Illusion of the Tale
2016 EP:
All That Remains
2016 Singles:
Eternal Sleep
2014 Albums:
A World Without
2014 EP
Next Pursuit Remix (Feat. Phaeleh, Mainline Mussy, Kente & Emiliano Melis)
2013 Album:
2013 Singles:
2011 Album:
The Cold in You
2011 Single:
2010 Album:
Fallen Light
2010 Singles:
Afterglow (Akira Kiteshi Remix)/Low
The Cold in You (Kahn Remix)/The Cold in You (Djrum Remix)
Untitled 333/Tachi
2009 Album:
Within the Emptiness
2008 EP: