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Koresma (pronounced ‘COR-eh-smuh’), is the stage name of Ryan Lindberg, a music artist and producer from the mountains of North Carolina, who is currently based in Los Angeles. Ryan has built a reputation for creating a blend of chilled electro-acoustic music that is centered around a strong drum groove. Using a combination of live and electronic instrumentation, he produces an addictive sound that has gained him loyal fans worldwide.

Inspired by landscapes and their influences on sounds, Koresma is currently working on a four-part album based on the theme of a compass. Three of four EPs, East, West, and North are already out, while South is in the making.

Like many modern producers around the world, Koresma fuses elements of electronic music, hip-hop, garage, R&B, pop, and other genres in various combinations. Ryan sees this direction as the right path for his career and uses a vast scope of elements to create his music:

“I use a bunch of different things in the studio. My main instrument is guitar so I often record little melodies and then ‘effect’ them in Ableton Live to get interesting sounds and textures. I also love analog gear so I’ve messed around with analog synths and tape machines, and built up a cool library of sounds. I also will sample from vinyl recordings and turn this into something completely different and unrecognizable. There is something about working with vinyl that gives you a lush, interesting texture. ”


Koresma embraces opportunities to work with other artists.  Although most of his released music is produced solo, collaborations are always being pursued.  For the North EP, Koresma worked with Axel Mansoor and Alaska Reid on vocals.  Lindberg also released singles featuring collaborations with several other artists, including: Feverkin, Marley Carroll, and edapollo.

Notable Compositions

Bridges is arguably Koresma’s most popular track with over 8 million streams on Spotify. The song, as its name suggests, captures the essence of Ryan’s approach to making music: helping listeners to freely travel from one genre to another without inhibitions. Another well received single, Free, is an ambient soundscape, featuring both acoustic and electronic sounds.

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Koresma Music

Canyon Walls
Back Home
El Sol
That Vibe
New Frontier
Northern Lights
On the Horizon
Paint the Sky
Vanish Point
Set Us Free
2021 EP:
Set Us Free w/ Matt May
Ambient Meditations
2021 Singles:
Dead Ends
Beacon w/ Skysia
Vanish Point
El Sol w/ Matt May
That Vibes w/ Matt May
2020 EP:
North Remixes
2020 Singles:
On the Horizon w/ edapollo
Paint The Sky w/ edapollo
Alpine w/ Andrew Rothschild
Skyline w/ Feverkin and Cuff Malloy
Been Gone w/ Volo
Snow Globe w/ Axel Mansoor (Feverkin Remix)
New Frontier (Nifty Earth Remix)
Northern Lights (Owsey Remix)
Free (Marley Carroll Remix)
2019 EPs:
West Remixes
2019 Singles:
Snow Globe w/Axel Mansoor
New Frontier
Warm Winter
Wash Away (Mazoulew Remix)
Eucalyptus w/Marley Carroll
2018 EPs:
East Remixes
2018 Singles:
Wash Away w/Shuhandz feat. Ellie Hartye
Canyon Walls
Bluff w/Feverkin and Sendai Mike
2017 EP:
2017 Singles:
The Overlook
2016 Singles:
Sun Begins to Pour feat. Alaska Reid
Far Away Coast
2015 Singles:
Folds w/ Feverkin
Golden w/Feverkin feat. Cuff Malloy
2014 EP:
Back Home
2014 Singles:
Clouds (Insight Vols.)
2013 Singles:
Back Home