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Whether it’s fear, excitement, love, anger, calm, or chaos, watch any TV show, and chances are, it will be music that sets the tone for a given scene. Such is the power of music, and few composers are able to deliver emotions to an audience like Chris Child.

Well known by his stage name Kodomo, the word for “child” in Japanese which references his upbringing in Japan, Chris Child is an Emmy award-winning television composer and musician.

Chris has released several critically acclaimed albums, EPs, and remixes and continues to perform in New York City and electronic music festivals around the world. Child is also highly respected for his work on the Harmonix video games Amplitude and Frequency, the precursors to Rockband and Guitar Hero. Child has written music scores for several television shows including the soap opera All My Children for which he won an Emmy in 2014. In 2019, Chris launched the record label Foil Imprints with Micah Frank to provide a platform for other musicians and himself to release electronic music in a wide spectrum of genres.

Kodomo’s work has no bounds. It explores everything, from light and geometry to relationships between food and music. Child often uses binaural patterns (or “binaural beats”) in his music–dynamic tones used during meditation to settle and balance one’s mind. It’s believed that certain tonal frequencies can help listeners enter spiritual realms as a part of the mediative state.

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Notable Compositions

Chris Child’s first full-length album, Still Life was inspired by a set of photographs he took during some of his travels. Specifically, the title for each track is based on a photographic concept rather than words. Concept 13, for example, is based on a photo, which reflects the Fibonnaci Sequence, a geometric pattern found throughout the natural world; the phenomenon greatly influenced the song’s melody, theme, sonic texture, and pace.

Other lauded releases from Kodomo include: Three Spheres, A World Rarely Seen, Divider, Patterns & Light, Frozen in Motion, and Still Life. Three Spheres is Child’ fourth full-length studio album, which emerged out of the isolation caused by the COVID Pandemic in 2020.

A World Rarely Seen came out on Synthesthesia Records in December 2020–it convened hundreds of musicians from dozens of countries around a shared artistic goal to raise awareness of activities taking place in the planet’s oceans.

Jens’ major album and EP releases include Sunrider, Fruit Machine, She, Amberland–Time Beyond, Noah–Charisma, Intersphere, Cafe de la Mer, Cafe Lagoon, My Heaven, Fata Morgana, Electronic Space Odyssey, Aeon in Motion, Interstellar, and Electronic Moods.

Notable Collaborations

In between releases, Kodomo has worked on remixes for Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Freezepop, TPWLYST, Symbion Project, and Kodacrome, among other artists. DISPAK, Child’s collaboration with fellow renowned musician, Kasson Crooker was well received by music lovers across the globe. In addition to forming Foil Imprints, Chris and Brooklyn-based electronic composer, Micah Frank have also created music together, releasing Tape Pieces Volumes 1 and 2 to critical acclaim.

Kodomo Music

Concept 1
Concept 10
Concept 15
Concept 16
Disappearing Light
Storm King
Orange Ocean
Red Giant
2021 Albums:
Three Spheres
2021 Singles:
Pink Clouds
Reflecting Magic
2020 EPs:
A World Rarely Seen (Inspired by “The Outlaw Ocean,” a book by Ian Urbina)
Tape Pieces Vol. 2
Dispak 2
2019 Albums:
Pieces for Piano Vol. 1
2019 Eps:
Tape Pieces Vol. 1
2019 Singles:
In November
2018 EPs:
Dispak 1
2017 Albums:
2014 Albums
Patterns & Light
2014 Singles
Mind Like A Diamond
Orange Ocean
2012 Singles:
Gate 5A
2011 Albums:
Frozen In Motion
2008 Albums:
Still Life
2008 Singles:
Concept 11
2005 Singles:
Spira Mirabilis
Dispak 2