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Music is a universal language that brings people together regardless of race, nationality, class, color, or creed, and few speak it as fluently as Jens Buchert. Despite releasing music under several aliases and pseudonyms including, Hydra and Dakini Mandarava among others, one thing remains consistent about Jens Buchert: his commitment to excellence.

Jens Buchert is one of the most popular international producers of electronic deep moods music.  For over 25 years, the Stuttgart native has been stamping his indelible mark on the eardrums of music lovers across the globe.  He is widely recognized as one of the world’s premier producers of ambient and electronic sounds.  His versatility has also allowed him to achieve success in other instrumental genres, including Down Tempo, Trip Hop, Chillout, and Lounge.

A musician, graduate of film and media science, video producer, sound engineer, music designer, and photographer – Jens is a multifaceted artist whose creative energy has no bounds.  His music is heard worldwide: whether during the boarding announcements of American Airlines, in television movies, feature films or documentaries, or in TV ads for Audi. Buchert owns his own music label, Jebu Records and is an exclusive artist for Warner Chappell Music.

Never settling or becoming complacent, Jens Buchert has proved to his loyal fans that each new release will be expansive and masterfully crafted.  As with many of his influences from the New Wave era, Jens’ music tracks are carefully arranged. His compositions bear his character and depth–their primary purpose is to inspire people to do extraordinary things.  Buchert wants to help listeners realize their full potential and more importantly, forget their daily worries, even just for a few minutes.  As Jen’s describes his music’s mission:

“Let music educate us, enable us [to] see things differently and appreciate everything we have, including our great planet; it’s a cosmic gift that we should highly appreciate and respect.  We should also remember that every action has a consequence we should consider, given it will impact what happens now and in the future.”


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Notable Compositions

Some of Jens’ most significant projects include: Space Night, Café Solaire, his Pacha compilation, Ibiza Chillout, Sunset Chill, Savannah Beach Club, and the Café Abstract series. Saying Jens’ vast catalogue is impressive is an understatement. His work has been at the heart of the underground lounge and trip-hop music scene since the early 2000’s.

Jens’ major album and EP releases include Sunrider, Fruit Machine, She, Amberland–Time Beyond, Noah–Charisma, Intersphere, Cafe de la Mer, Cafe Lagoon, My Heaven, Fata Morgana, Electronic Space Odyssey, Aeon in Motion, Interstellar, and Electronic Moods.

Jens Buchert Music

2021 Albums:
Ambient Meditations
Ibiza Sunset Chillout – Balearic Downbeats
2021 EPs:
Jupiter Melodies
2020 Albums:
Relax – Soothing Ambient and Chillout Music
2019 Albums:
Aurora Electronica
2018 Albums:
EntspanntSEIN - Cosmic Meditation (A Journey Into Relaxing Ambient & Chillout Music)
EntspanntSEIN - Nature Spirit (A Journey Into Magical & Relaxing Rainforest Sounds)
EntspanntSEIN - Klangschalen Mandala (Eine Klangreise für Meditation, Entspannung & Achtsamkeit)
Wellness & Spa, Vol. 1
Wellness & Spa Volume 2
2017 Albums:
Best Of
EntspanntSEIN - Space Meditation (A Journey Into Deep Relaxing Ambient & Chillout Music)
2017 Singles:
2016 Albums:
2016 EPs:
EntspanntSEIN - Flowing Into Silence (Deep Relaxing Music with The Sound of Water, Rain and Ocean Waves)
EntspanntSEIN - Deep Relaxation (Calm & Peaceful Yoga Music)
EntspanntSEIN - Asian Sunrise (Relaxing Eastern Moods Music)
EntspanntSEIN - Amazonas (Eine meditative Phantasiereise durch den faszinierenden Regenwald)
2015 Albums:
Orbital Resort
Studiosessions 1992-1999
2014 Albums:
Electronic Sundance - Chillout Club
Yoga Meditation 4
Tao - 2001
Yoga Meditation 03
Yoga Meditation 02
Electronic Space Lounge – Three
Cosmic Port
Ambient Spirit
2013 Albums:
Electronic Space Lounge – Two
2012 Albums:
2011 Albums:
Into the Silence
2010 Albums:
Aeon in Motion
Lounge & Relaxing
2010 EPS:
Motion Fields
2009 EPs:
Ganesha (The Rmix)
2008 Albums:
Amberland - Time Beyond
Fata Morgana
2008 EPs:
2007 Albums:
2006 Albums:
Asia Suite - Finest Relaxing Chillout and Lounge
Cosmic Meditation: Healing Planets Vol. 1
My Heaven
Time Beyond
2005 Allbums:
2004 Albums:
2004 EPs:
2002 Albums:
Fruit Machine
1001 Miles
Cocoon Master 16Bit
Frogbeats 21
Lonesome Robot
Mélange Eléctrique